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Anti-counterfeiting Solutions

Ashton Potter can offer a range of anti-counterfeiting technologies which encompasses all three levels of security – overt, covert, and forensic – using specialty security printing, inks, substrates, foils, and technologies.

Our Anti-counterfeiting Features

Liquid crystal

Ashton Potter’s partner Rolic Technologies Ltd.’s patented Light Controlled Molecular Orientation (LCMO) is the core technology that embodies today’s production standard for photo-aligned LCD manufacturing. Its optical effects are utilized in the security industry for the manufacture of forgery-proof elements, such as in banknotes, identification documents, and brand protection


A generic name for a variety of covert materials that are not naturally found in the ink, printing substrate, or other carrier. These materials can only be detected by specialized equipment that emits electromagnetic energy and analyzes its effects on the item in question, determining if such materials are present or not

Color-shift Inks

A series of security inks containing variable pigments or small pieces of metallic substances whose addition causes a color change effect to the human eye that varies based on the viewing angle or lighting and cannot be replicated or easily reproduced on standard copiers or scanners. These inks can be used in a range of printing methods, including intaglio, screen, or flexo printing

Other Security Inks

Security inks have elements or features which when printed either react to the altering or tampering, have anti-photocopying properties, or can confirm authenticity with or without the use of a device and include chemically reactive, invisible fluorescent, phosphorescent, pearlescent, iridescent, metallic, metameric, thermochromic, photochromic, fugitive, and erasable

Holographic Feature and Foiling

Holographic images are created through use of a physical structure that diffracts light, where ‘hologram’ can reference either the structure or the image itself, and can be viewed by either an illuminated print or aiming a laser through the structure to view the image on a screen

Tamper Evident Adhesives

Tamper evident technologies which are designed to, when removed, reveal a hidden message, such as "VOID," or where all of the adhesive remains on the surface and/or no adhesive remains on the tape film

  • Liquid crystal (Rolic)
  • Taggants
  • Color-shift Inks
  • Other Security Inks
  • Holographic Feature and Foiling
  • Tamper Evident Adhesives