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Our History

For over 45 years, Ashton Potter has provided postage stamp products to the world’s largest postal administrations and secure label solutions to private and government entities. Our standing as a leading high security printer has been enabled by substantial investment in facilities, equipment, and process automation augmented by research and development and supported by a highly experienced and capable workforce.


Commenced construction on the "Ashton Potter Campus" (facility expansion)


Received third USPS Quality Supplier Award

New contracts awarded

Began production of secure labels for pharmaceuticals and awarded four long-term contracts from USPS

New international tax stamp program begins

Began producing stamped cards for USPS

Stamped envelope production for USPS starts

Stamped envelope production for USPS starts

Began production of stamped envelopes for USPS

Acquired by a group of private investors

Began production of secure labels for brand protection


Received second USPS Quality Supplier Award

Began Production of stamps for international Postal Authorities

Production starts for international Postal Authorities

Began production of tax stamps

Awarded first contract with USPS

Established U.S. based operations


Completed its first stamp project for Canada Post.


Grew into one of Canada's largest Commercial Printers

Ashton Potter was founded as a commercial printer in Canada