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Security Printing & Finishing

Ashton Potter’s core printing and finishing capabilities include multi-color intaglio printing and the ability to apply secure technologies which meet the stringent criteria for manufacturing high security fiscal products, including such core products as postage and excise, revenue, and tax stamp products and secure label applications for pharmaceutical and brand protection.

Our Security Printing & Finishing Features

High-line Screen Printing (Stochastic)

Stochastic screening, or staccato or frequency modulation (FM) screens, refer to micro-dots (20 micron, 10 micron) that are fixed in size and increase tone values by adding more dots. The dots are rendered in a pseudo-random algorithm making them ideal for high definition details in postage stamps and are rendered in a ‘weave’ to create very smooth tonal transitions


A method of printing a background which produces a warning message when photocopied

Prismatic Tints

A printed feature demonstrating a controlled subtle color shift in a linear, continuous fashion

Blind Embossing

A colorless relief image embossed or debossed on a non-printed part of a document

Tamper Evident Die-cuts

A series of fine line slits which are die-cut onto a pressure sensitive adhesive substrate that, once applied onto a surface, delaminates and/or destructs at first attempt to remove, thereby proving that the substrate has been tampered with

Security Substrates

Unique substrates which have security features, elements, or treatments applied or added to them, including watermarks, either machine-made or artificial, chemical sensitivity, embedded threads, visible or invisible fibers, particles, planchettes, and frangibility

  • High-line Screen Printing (Stochastic)
  • Pantograph
  • Prismatic Tints
  • Blind Embossing
  • Tamper Evident Die-cuts
  • Security Substrates