Authenticity, Secured

July 29, 2022

Authenticity, Secured

How High Security Printing Helps Governments Reduce Today’s Complex Threats

By Garth Zambory

It’s critical for governments to be able to identify and authenticate a diverse array of highly sensitive documents. Fraudulent documents challenge the security of the global community, and the need to protect data is becoming more important than ever.

Over 90% of ID fraud in the past year involved counterfeit documents, so creating unique identities for documents through high security printing has become necessary to minimize problems. As a result, security printing efforts have become utilized more—and the area is continually growing. The global security printing market size is expected to increase by $5.45 billion USD from 2021 to 2026, with a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period.

It’s imperative for governments to protect their sensitive documents by working with the right partner who can provide advanced anti-counterfeiting printing and finishing capabilities. High security printing solutions combine advanced printing and finishing techniques to aid in withstanding even the most advanced counterfeiting attempts. A proven partner like Ashton Potter works with governments and organizations worldwide to meet their rigorous requirements for document integrity to ensure authenticity.

In this blog post, we will discuss how high security printing can help prevent counterfeiting, alteration, fraud and provide means of authentication—ultimately helping governments effectively mitigate a myriad of threats.

Over 90% of ID fraud

in the past year involved counterfeit documents.

Understanding High Security Printing for Government Organizations

As technology—and threats—have grown and advanced, there has been an evolution of high security printing over time. The main goal of security printing is to prevent forgery, alteration, or counterfeiting. There are a number of technical methods used in the security printing industry, but the printing process itself generally results in the unpredictable deposition of marks which can be used for needed forensic identification.

High security printing capabilities encompass all levels of security and include a number of high-security specialty inks, substrates, foils, and technologies. Security printing can be a part of every printed item such as banknotes, visas, passports, labels, postage stamps and identity cards.

High security printing and finishing capabilities affix serialized, forgery-resistant elements to products and documents, which stops counterfeiting in its tracks and provides organizations with greater visibility and control over their documents.

Some specific techniques for secure documents include:

  • Intaglio. Printing ink three dimensionally onto a substrate by applying high levels of pressure between an etched or engraved plate and an impression cylinder.
  • Holographic Security Foil Patch. Physical structures built into a patch that diffract light to create a 3D appearance.
  • Security Inks. Photo and heat sensitive inks that will react when certain conditions are applied.
  • Micro / Nano Printing. A small line of text, characters, or images printed at high resolution beyond the capabilities of desktop printers or scanners.
  • Color-Shift Ink. Inks that contain microscopic pieces of metallic substances or variable pigments which display color changes depending on the angle or lighting.
  • Latent Image. A hidden image that is only visible when viewed at certain angles.

Advanced Threats that Governments Commonly Encounter

Governments must authenticate their documents in order to minimize threats, avoid circulating fraudulent documents, and ensure authenticity. Keeping operations running smoothly can often be a challenge for government entities as well. When work is interrupted due to forgery or authentication issues, the delays can create lost profits and time.

Government agencies like the U.S. suffer significant financial losses due to counterfeiting which poses significant risks. Being able to track documents in real time is crucial to help government entities avoid lost time and profit.

The best way to mitigate authenticity issues, costly delays, and fraud is to utilize high security printing techniques combined with a secure database that provides traceability insights.

How Threats are Mitigated with High Security Printing & the Right Platform

Securing sensitive documents and data is a top priority for governments looking to minimize issues and protect constituents. Utilizing high security printing and finishing capabilities is crucial to guarantee document authenticity and integrity. Through overt, covert, and forensic high security printing techniques, like ones offered by Ashton Potter, alteration-resistant, custom print solutions can be designed to withstand even the most advanced counterfeiting attempts.

By affixing unique, serialized identities, governments are able to enable universal traceability over every document, allowing the storage of incorruptible records to ensure authenticity with a quick, single scan. Ashton Potter’s ProLinc® platform creates a complete digital genealogy for every document produced, storing a comprehensive record in its secure Blockchain-enabled database. ProLinc® is able to empower today’s governments to protect the integrity of billions of documents in circulation—allowing nations to verify authenticity and safeguard the financial and social well-being of their citizens.

Ensure Document Integrity & Authenticity by Working with a Knowledgeable Partner

Partnering with an organization that can collaborate with you and understand the scope of your needs throughout today’s complex landscape is crucial. Governments who are focused on the security of their documents should seek a partner with experience in high security printed goods like secure labels, customized envelopes, stamp products, visas, and financial documents. A knowledgeable partner with a long track record in high security printing can help you ensure compliance and increase security through document monitoring.

Ashton Potter offers government-grade high security printing with alteration-resistant elements to products and documents that help stop counterfeiting and provide organizations with greater visibility, all through its advanced SaaS-based technology that secures millions of products and documents around the world.

Speak with an expert to learn more about today’s threats to sensitive documents and how high security printing can protect them.