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Serving Up Safety and Security for Food Manufacturers

Food and beverage producers face a myriad of potential contamination threats—both malicious and unintentional. As consumers increasingly question the quality of the food they eat, manufacturers must guarantee the thousands of food items they produce each day comply with rigorous standards for health and safety.

At Ashton Potter, we offer end-to-end product serialization to secure every food item against contamination and guarantee the integrity of each good manufacturers produce—from the handling of raw ingredients, to production, to store shelves.

What We Help You Achieve

protect consumer well-being

Protect Consumer

We empower food producers and their customers to protect themselves against compromised goods by tracking products and upholding the integrity of the global supply chain at scale.

mitigate risk and liability

Mitigate Risk & Liability

With food recalls posing high costs for the bottom line and brand image, we empower manufacturers to track items in real time and isolate compromised batches in the rare event of a mishap.

upholding compliance standards

Uphold Compliance Standards

By identifying and tracking every batch and individual item, and housing insights in a Blockchain-enabled database, we ensure products meet necessary standards and are safe to consume.

consumer confidence

Strengthen Consumer Confidence

A single compromise can detrimentally impact brand equity for years to come. By filtering out substandard products in real time, we protect brand image and allow consumers and brands to trust product integrity.

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Food fraud costs $49 billion annually.

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A Comprehensive Solution for Product Integrity

At Ashton Potter, we pair dynamic product security technology with the most advanced techniques in high security printing to trace and secure every product, at every point in its lifecycle.

Our Product Security Technology

An advanced SaaS solution, ProLinc creates a complete genealogy for every unit and batch, storing a complete, incorruptible record in its Blockchain-enabled database. ProLinc empowers today’s food producers to protect the integrity of their goods at every point in the manufacturing and distribution process, then isolate and eliminate instances of compromise before consumers are negatively affected.

Discover ProLinc

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Our Product Security Printing

Our security printing services augment and extend ProLinc by affixing serialized, tamper-proof elements on every unit and batch. Applying more than 90 years of experience in high security government-grade printing, we’ll work with you to identify the right printing techniques to secure your products and prevent compromise.

Discover High Security Printing

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Serving Up Safe, Authentic Goods: Ensuring Global integrity in Food & Beverage Consumables



A Complete Genealogy for Every Product in Your Supply Chain


Securing the Global Food Supply Chain Against Contamination

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