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Serving Up Quality and Safety through Food Traceability Solutions

Food and beverage producers and manufacturers face a myriad of potential supply chain threats—both malicious and unintentional. At the same time, they are challenged to satisfy consumers’ increasingly high expectations for fresh, flavorful food. As the food supply chain continues to become ever-more global, companies must adopt solutions that are capable of upholding rigorous standards for food quality and safety, beginning in the field and extending all the way to store shelves.

At Ashton Potter, we pair security labels with ProLinc forensic traceability technology to secure every ingredient, food item, and batch against contamination and offer comprehensive food traceability from the field to the factory to the fork.

What We Help You Achieve

protect consumer well-being

Maintain Quality & Consistency

We document the integrity of each and every ingredient at every step of the farming and production process, augmenting the capabilities of existing systems with real-time alerts and ingredient-level insight.

mitigate risk and liability

Prevent Food & Beverage Recalls

We enable food producers and manufacturers to rapidly resolve food recalls by identifying and isolating the origin and cause of compromises down to the individual ingredient. 

upholding compliance standards

Document Compliance Standards

By identifying and tracking every batch and individual item with serialized labels and housing insights in a Blockchain-enabled database, we ensure FDA and other regulatory body standards are maintained and documented.

consumer confidence

Strengthen Consumer Confidence

A single recall incident can impact consumer confidence for years to come. By pairing serialized labels with digital product identities, we provide consumers complete transparency into food origin and safety.

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Food fraud costs $49 billion annually.

Food Safety Magazine

A Holistic Solution for Food Traceability

We pair our advanced food traceability solution with security labels and white glove integration services to maintain the quality and integrity of every ingredient, food item, and batch.

ProLinc® Food Traceability Solution

ProLinc is an advanced forensic traceability solution that provides food and beverage producers comprehensive insight into food items—from the field, to the factory, to the fork. These records are then stored in its Blockchain-enabled database for rapid recall resolution and regulatory compliance. Plus, by tracking ingredient-level quality and integrity, ProLinc enables producers and manufacturers to maintain cross-batch consistency for customer satisfaction with every bite.

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Serialized, Secured Food Labels

We empower food and beverage manufacturers to legitimize claims and secure food items through our tamper-proof labels, which assign serialized identities to every ingredient, food item, and batch. These labels can then be printed where it’s most secure and feasible for the producer, whether at Ashton Potter’s facility, in their own manufacturing environment, or in the field where ingredients are harvested.

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Advanced Integration Services

Through our network of skilled white glove integration partners, we rapidly implement  our forensic traceability solution into our food and beverage customers’ existing environments, augmenting and extending the capabilities of their existing QMS and ERP systems. With responsive support starting with initial configuration and continuing well after the install, we empower food operations of all sizes to accelerate and maximize ROI.

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Serving Up Security in Food & Beverage

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