Where It Fits


Where It Fits

Forensic Traceability, Integrated Seamlessly into Existing Systems and Processes

For industries with highly sensitive and rigorous requirements, standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and manufacturing execution systems (MES) often fall short when it comes to meeting today’s intensive production monitoring and traceability requirements.

With the help of our network of Gold Integration Partners, we work with customers to implement ProLinc into existing ERP and factory systems, augmenting and extending current capabilities and empowering universal identification, traceability, and authentication for every product.

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How ProLinc® Fits Into
Your Manufacturing Environment

augment erp solutions

Augment and Extend Leading ERP Solutions

While ERP solutions like Oracle and SAP touch virtually every aspect of your operation, ProLinc supplements and enhances standard ERP systems through a more specialized supply chain security offering that ensures global product quality and integrity is upheld.

integrate existing processes

Seamlessly Integrate Into Existing Processes

ProLinc integrates seamlessly into your existing processes, so that no matter what ERP or factory solution is currently in place in your manufacturing environment, you feel as though you are using a single, seamless solution.

brand protection consumer safety

Make Brand Protection and Consumer Safety Top-of-Mind

While many ERP and factory solutions are jacks of all trades and masters of none, our solution ensures that brand protection and consumer safety aren’t afterthoughts in your manufacturing environment.

integrate existing processes

Elevate Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

ProLinc empowers manufacturers with production monitoring and management functionality, allowing facilities to realize maximum productivity from equipment and increase return on capital investments.

brand protection consumer safety

Optimize Recall Management

Product recalls can be costly and timely affairs. With ProLinc, every product and component is individually tracked, so recalls occur quickly and efficiently—minimizing your risk and keeping customers satisfied.

brand protection consumer safety

Forensic Insight into the Global Supply Chain

ProLinc offers systematic and sustainable supply chain traceability and security—from pre-production to production, storage, distribution, purchase, repurchase, and end of life.

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A Foundation of
Service and Support

Explore the added services and support that set our offering ahead of the crowd.
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security printing applications

High Security Printing & the ERP

Learn how our forensic traceability solution integrates seamlessly with best-in-class security printing.
High Security Printing Capabilities

Securing the Global Supply Chain, One Product at a Time

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