Stamp Products

Stamp Products

A History Supporting the World’s Postal Authorities

For nearly 50 years, Ashton Potter has designed, secured, and produced postage stamps and other stamp products for postal authorities around the globe.

Today, we produce over 10 billion stamps and related products that utilize finishings in every postage stamp format and every printing method.

Our Techniques for Stamp Products



Printing ink three dimensionally onto a substrate by applying high levels of pressure between an etched or engraved plate and an impression cylinder.

specialized die-cuts

Specialized Die-Cutting

Fine line slits that are die-cut onto a material for the easy removal and application of the product.

high line screen printing

High-Line Screen Printing

Micro-dot printing done in a weave-like style to create a smooth, high-resolution image.



Covert materials that do not naturally occur in the tagged substrate, ink, or other carrier that are used as a virtual ‘fingerprint’ to verify authenticity.

stamp products

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