Tax, Revenue & Excise Stamps

Tax, Revenue & Excise Stamps

Cigarette, Alcohol, Tobacco, Cannabis
Thermal, Pressure Sensitive

Ashton Potter is a fast-growing supplier that helps governments ensure proper revenue tax is collected with highly secure tax, revenue, and excise stamps that come with mass serialization and data management functionality.

Enhancing Security with Thermal Tax Stamps

Through advanced tamper-evident security features, technology, and services, Ashton Potter provides proven solutions that protect millions in revenue annually. Available features and offerings:

Ordering and fulfillment services for direct-to-distributor options.

Designed for maximum transfer to packaging.

Aggressive thermal adhesive for superior performance with minimal lift.

Multi-layer stamp construction thwarting counterfeiting.

Security tint extends beyond border which transfers with the tax stamp.

Flexible color choices to create a visually unique stamp.

UV security ink for covert security measures.

Field verifiable optional covert features available for quick identification to trained inspector.

Industry standard formats available in multiple configurations.

Taggants used as a virtual fingerprint to verify authenticity.

Product has been tested and certified at USI and Redstamp manufacturers.

Providing over 5 billion stamps annually to over 50 state and local jurisdictions.

Tax Stamp Examples

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Additional Security Features
Available for Digital Stamps

Color-Shift Ink

Inks that contain microscopic pieces of metallic substances or variable pigments which display color changes depending on the angle of observation or lighting.


Holographic images created by a physical structure that diffracts light & can be viewed by an illuminated print or aiming a laser through it to view the image on a screen.

QR Barcodes

An optical, machine-readable representation of data that is used as a unique identifier for the object to which it is attached.

Guilloche Pattern

An intricate pattern of overlapping and/or continuous lines constructed by using two or more lines in overlapping bands.

Tamper Evident Die-Cuts

Fine line slits that are die-cut onto a pressure sensitive adhesive material that, once applied to a surface, causes it to delaminate and shred upon the first attempt to remove it.

Member of the International
Tax Stamp Association (ITSA)

ProLinc® Track & Trace
for Government Agencies

Ashton Potter’s ProLinc® empowers today’s governments to ensure product integrity for their customers and citizens by creating an all-in-one traceability solution when combined with upgraded high security tax stamps. As an advanced SaaS solution, ProLinc® can track product genealogy down to the subcomponent, and stores a complete record of each in its Blockchain-enabled database. With the addition of ProLinc®, governments can track genuine tax stamps to aid in counterfeit and diversion detection.

ProLinc® offers:

  • A highly-secure database capable of handling billions of records.
  • Unique, serialized identities that can be assigned to each stamp and linked to database record.
  • Diverted goods are identifiable via a single scan through forensic traceability technology.
  • Quick, remote access to tamper-proof database files from the field.
  • On-site server option for maximum speed and security.
  • Centralized reporting in real time by pulling data from into one dashboard.
  • Seamless integration with existing revenue systems.
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