Tax, Revenue & Excise Stamps

Tax, Revenue & Excise Stamps

Reclaiming Revenue from Today’s Counterfeiters

When dealing with exported or regulated materials, counterfeiting comes at the expense of government authorities, who miss out on proper payment for taxed or excised goods.

At Ashton Potter, we provide highly secure tax, revenue, and excise stamps with mass serialization and data management functionality to support the world’s governments and law enforcement agencies in reclaiming and increasing revenue.

Our Techniques for Tax, Revenue & Excise Stamps



Covert materials that do not naturally occur in the tagged substrate, ink, or other carrier that are used as a virtual ‘fingerprint’ to verify authenticity.

guilloche pattern

Guilloche Pattern

An intricate pattern of overlapping and/or continuous lines constructed by using two or more lines in overlapping bands.

color shift ink

Color-Shift Ink

Inks that contain microscopic pieces of metallic substances or variable pigments which display color changes depending on the angle of observation or lighting.

tamper evident die-cuts

Tamper Evident Die-Cuts

Fine line slits that are die-cut onto a pressure sensitive adhesive material that, once applied to a surface, causes it to delaminate and shred upon the first attempt to remove it.

qr barcodes

QR Barcodes

An optical, machine-readable representation of data that is used as a unique identifier for the object to which it is attached.

excise stamps
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