End-to-End Product Serialization & Authentication for Integrity-Driven Industries

Today’s organizations face more advanced product security threats than ever. Fueled by globalization and pervasive technology, the counterfeiting landscape has made new strides in sophistication and scale. As a result, today’s innovators and manufacturers require more than standard ERP and MES solutions to ensure the integrity of every product and subcomponent across the entire supply chain.

At Ashton Potter, we understand the unique product security challenges of industries with rigorous requirements for authenticity, safety, and compliance. We solve these challenges through a comprehensive product authentication and security solution that combines advanced SaaS-based technology with best-in-class high security printing.

The Challenges We Solve

Product Authenticity

Today’s advanced counterfeiting landscape has shaken the bedrock of customer trust. We offer global product authentication solutions that assign each item and its subcomponents unique, serialized identities that can be traced at any point in the product lifecycle.

icon counterfeit

5-7% of all world tradeis made up of counterfeit goods.

The Economist

Product Safety

In some sectors, a compromised good threatens more than the brand—it threatens the very safety of the end consumer. We advance product safety by empowering you to proactively eliminate compromise and maintain complete product serialization and traceability in the event of a recall.

product recalls

4,217 product recalls were issued by United States federal agencies in 2015 alone.


Product Compliance

For highly regulated businesses, compliance can feel like a moving target. Our solutions offer seamless regulatory compliance management by providing universal traceability and documentation for every subcomponent, batch, and product—at any point in the supply chain.

icon regulatory compliance

Manufacturers pay an average of $19,564 per employee to comply with federal regulations.

National Association of Manufacturers

Product Cost

Today’s intense manufacturing landscape requires businesses to operate more cost effectively than ever. Through global product serialization and real-time tracking, we enable manufacturers to eliminate costly delays and wasted subparts that drag down their bottom line.

product delay

Unplanned downtime and product delays cost manufacturers $50 Billion each year.


The Industries We Serve

Explore the industries below to learn how our production authentication and security solutions bring new insight and scalability to the world’s most successful organizations.

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