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A Product Security & Traceability Solution for Global Supply Chain Insight

From the factory floor to the back office, distribution center, and the market at large, product-specific data is the lifeblood of today’s supply chain.

ProLinc is an advanced product security and traceability solution that empowers organizations to ensure product integrity, quality, and compliance is upheld for every component, product, and batch in circulation. Designed for high volume, high velocity applications, ProLinc enables complete product serialization and authentication for every item across the global supply chain.

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What Sets ProLinc® Apart?

A Single Scan, a World of Insights

With a single scan, ProLinc serves up a highly-detailed digital genealogy down to the individual component, giving new insight to each and every product in circulation.

High-Velocity Data at the Pace of Business

ProLinc operates at the pace of today’s businesses, processing high volume, high velocity product data and continuously storing this business-critical information in real time.

Scalable to the Billions

Today’s manufacturers require billions of products to be tracked simultaneously, often across multiple facilities. ProLinc scales to the billions, offering global product security and traceability to manufacturing environments of all sizes.

High Security for High Stakes Business

In today’s advanced threat landscape, ProLinc’s Blockchain-enabled database creates a single, secure, and tamper-evident record of product and component-level data for remote, real-time access.

The Features You Want,
The Security You Require

  • Highly-scalable database capable of handling billions of records.
  • Smart aggregation to accommodate material consolidation, product movement, and distribution.
  • Quick, remote access to tamper-resistant database files from the field.
  • Onsite server option for maximum speed and security.
  • Serialized identities assigned to each product and subcomponent.
  • Advanced track and trace insights, available via a single scan.
  • Centralized reporting, including production monitoring.
  • Integration with your existing ERP and factory systems.

Securing the Global Product Lifecycle

ProLinc creates a tamper-proof digital genealogy for every product, at every point in the product lifecycle—from pre-production to production, distribution, purchase, repurchase, and beyond.

value chain

  • Supply Foundational to product integrity is the integrity of each component. ProLinc applies unique serialized codes to products and components alike, empowering highly-detailed component-level insight.
  • Distribution By enabling distributors to participate in authentication, ProLinc empowers you with comprehensive digital identities to protect product integrity across your entire distributor network, proactively preventing and isolating product compromises and diversions.
  • Repurchase Product integrity becomes more complex as goods switch hands in the market. As a forensic traceability solution, ProLinc allows each new custodian to verify a product’s identity while transmitting information about its current location.
  • Production Compromises must be identified and eliminated in real time. ProLinc can be configured to facility and item-specific demands, collecting data and sending out instant alerts if deviations occur.
  • PurchaseAuthentication and integrity doesn’t end when a product leaves the distributor. ProLinc’s comprehensive product  security and traceability technology empowers manufacturers and end users to verify product origin, quality,  and authenticity via a single scan.
  • End of Life As your product nears the end of its useful life, the importance of integrity continues. ProLinc traces each product’s genealogy long after purchase, enabling you to better manage recalls and understand product lifecycle.

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