A Commitment to Product Security, Authenticity and Integrity

At Ashton Potter, we’re upholding product integrity on a global scale. Our team is passionate about manufacturing innovative security solutions that operate at the intersection of the physical and digital world, and is committed to protecting the world’s nations, brands, and citizens.

Join our team of product security experts as we expand our reach to new markets and product opportunities, bringing the highest levels of product integrity and security to our customers.


A Vision for Tomorrow

We have a vision that one day, no counterfeit will ever enter the market, no product will ever be tampered with, and no document will ever be forged. Together, our team is working to achieve that goal.


A Legacy of Excellence

For nearly a century, our team of innovators has been trailblazing the product security landscape, leveraging top-of-line security techniques to elevate the service we deliver to our customers.


A Passion for Security

Our team of industry experts not only specializes in securing highly sensitive products and documents; we’re passionate about it.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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