Empowering Efficacy for Today’s Pharmaceutical Companies

When producing pharmaceuticals, a single faulty batch impacts far more than brand equity; a patient’s life is on the line. As thousands of individual units pass through factories each day, today’s pharmaceutical manufacturers are challenged to uphold stringent standards for integrity and compliance.

At Ashton Potter, we prevent drug tampering—whether accidental or malicious—and protect patient well-being by universally serializing, tracking, and authenticating units no matter how vast or complex your global supply chain.

What We Help You Achieve

protect consumer health

Protect Consumer Health

Ashton Potter provides complete traceability over pharmaceutical production, identifying and intercepting faulty units to prevent inactive or incorrect medication from reaching store shelves.

mitigate risk and liability

Mitigate Risk and Liability

By tracking each unit’s genealogy across the global supply chain, we mitigate the risk of compromise and allow you to isolate specific batches with precision in the unlikely case of a mishap.

uphold compliance standards

Uphold Compliance Standards

By identifying and tracking every batch and product, and housing insights in our incorruptible database, we allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to uphold the most stringent standards for compliance.

strengthen consumer confidence

Strengthen Consumer Confidence

In a landscape permeated by counterfeits and generics, we ensure only bona fide goods make it to market to support pharmaceutical brands in strengthening consumer confidence and growing brand equity.

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The counterfeit drug market totals $200 billion

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A Comprehensive Solution for Product Integrity

At Ashton Potter, we pair dynamic product security technology with the most advanced techniques in high security printing to trace and secure every product, at every point in its lifecycle.

Our Product Security Technology

An advanced SaaS solution, ProLinc creates a complete genealogy for every batch and unit, storing a complete, incorruptible record in its Blockchain-enabled database. ProLinc empowers today’s pharmaceutical companies to prevent compromises at every point in the manufacturing and distribution process, then isolate and eliminate instances of counterfeiting before a mishap can negatively impact patients.

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Our Product Security Printing

Our security printing services augment and extend ProLinc by affixing serialized, tamper-proof elements on every batch and unit. Applying more than 90 years of experience in high security government-grade printing, we’ll work with you to identify the right printing techniques to secure your products and prevent compromise.

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Empowering Efficacy: Protecting Drug Integrity When it Matters Most



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