Protecting the World’s Nations and Citizens

Whether traveling to a foreign nation for business, tourism, or family, today’s governments must be able to account for and verify the identity of all individuals living and working in their country at any given time.

At Ashton Potter, we produce visas that include the most advanced security features available in the industry—protecting today’s nations and citizens from unknown agents and threats.

Our Techniques for Visas

rolic security thread

Rolic Security Thread

Rolic Technologies Ltd.’s patented Light Controlled Molecular Orientation (LCMO) is today’s production standard for photo aligned LCD manufacturing.



Covert materials that do not naturally occur in the tagged substrate, ink, or other carrier that are used as a virtual ‘fingerprint’ to verify authenticity.

micro nano printing

Micro / Nano Printing

An extremely small line of text, characters, or images printed at high resolution beyond the capabilities of desktop printers or scanners.



Printing ink three dimensionally onto a substrate by applying high levels of pressure between an etched or engraved plate and an impression cylinder.

color shift inc

Color-Shift Ink

Inks that contain microscopic pieces of metallic substances or variable pigments which display color changes depending on the angle of observation or lighting.


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