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NASPO INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit, member supported organization. NASPO INTERNATIONAL is an ANSI and ISO accredited security standards developer that certifies that providers of security documents, labels, cards, packaging, materials and technology, operate under an agreed-upon set of operational standards and security protocols.

Postal Customer Council

The Postal Customer Council® (PCC®) program is a valuable resource for business mailers, large and small. Local PCCs serve as an open channel for USPS®-to-business communication, providing information and best practices for achieving cost-effective and profitable mailing, education and training, as well as solving local challenges. Through regular meetings, educational programs, mailer clinics, and seminars, PCC members learn about the latest postal products and services that may help them grow their business.

International Tax Stamp Association

The International Tax Stamp Association is a not-for-profit organization founded in November 2015, that is working to ensure better understanding of the benefits of tax stamps and tax stamp technology, and to promote high professional standards through education, research and advocacy, and by developing and promoting best practice.


The DSA is a public/private partnership dedicated to improving security documents and related production and issuance procedures to help combat the growing acts of fraud, terrorism, illegal immigration, identity theft, and other criminal acts by drawing upon the knowledge and detailed technical disciplines of its members. DSA’s efforts are focused on increasing awareness of the problems associated with counterfeiting of key financial instruments, travel and identity documents, serving as a resource for governments seeking to build their understanding of the solutions that exist today and providing recommendations and technical papers.

Technology Partners

Jamestown Container Companies

Jamestown Container Companies has been designing expert packaging solutions since 1956. Their team is dedicated to helping customers be more efficient so they can put more time back into their business. They’re more than just a box company. By listening and understanding their customer's situation, they are able to take packaging a step further and create a custom solution for every business.


Rolic is a worldwide operating innovative high-tech company headquartered in Switzerland and with locations in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Shanghai (China). Rolic develops and sells applicable coating materials and functional foil products for displays, for security elements and the sealing of highly sensitive products. The core competence of Rolic is the light management. With the patent-protected LCMO technology (Light Controlled Molecular Orientation) Rolic modifies surfaces on a nano scale with polarized light to achieve unique optical effects.

PCA Technology Group

PCA Technology Group provides scalable IT solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. We have the experience necessary to navigate the complexities of state-of-the-art, data-driven systems and work tirelessly to leverage our clients' existing IT assets while improving their network performance and security. Our development team delivers custom software/applications designed to streamline business processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs wherever possible—giving our manufacturing clients a competitive advantage in today's market. Utilizing Software Virtualization, we are able to model and perfect these processes before integrating them seamlessly into live systems.


InformaTrac is a U.S. based corporation specializing in providing data centric software and hardware solutions to industrial businesses. Built on the foundation that success is truly based on the success of each customer, InformaTrac has implemented and maintained countless installations in industries such as agriculture, automotive, biosciences, DoD, food & beverage, petroleum, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, transportation and warehousing verticals. As a proud partner of Ashton Potter, InformaTrac specializes in providing full service implementations for the ProLinc solution that includes everything from planning, installation and setup, and integration with third party and existing hardware/software solutions. InformaTrac provides classroom and online training as well as full service maintenance and technical support. Through close and strategic relationships, InformaTrac sees through to the success of each and every customer by providing best in class software, professional consultations, and continuous quality improvements.

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