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Brand Protection Solutions for an Advanced Threat Landscape

As a premium brand, your image is your greatest asset. Yet, in today’s global counterfeiting landscape, brand integrity and authenticity are constantly threatened by new efforts to sell imitation goods in the market.

Through end-to-end product serialization, authentication, and traceability, Ashton Potter offers brand protection solutions that enable you to ensure global product integrity and prevent gray market diversion, protecting your brand and your business.

What We Help You Achieve

preserve brand equity

Preserve and Enhance Brand Equity

When premium goods are sold on gray markets, lackluster performance and lower costs degrade brand equity. Our anti-counterfeiting solutions prevent compromises from becoming patterns of diversion.

preserve brand equity

Command Premium Pricing

By preventing convincing knock-offs from entering the market, Ashton Potter allows brands to control availability and command premium prices for their premium goods.

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Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Our anti-counterfeiting solutions satisfy rising customer expectations by enabling end users to authenticate products on-demand, then serving up tailored product insights to enhance value.

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Understand Product Usage & Lifecycle

By collecting value-rich insights throughout the product lifecycle, we provide brand protection solutions that serve up the relevant product data company’s need to make more proactive and effective decisions.

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Global brand counterfeiting is estimated to amount to $98 million.

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A Comprehensive Solution for Product Integrity

At Ashton Potter, we pair dynamic brand protection technology with the most advanced techniques in high security printing to trace and secure every product, at every point in its lifecycle.

Our Product Security Technology

An advanced SaaS brand protection technology, ProLinc creates a complete genealogy for every product, storing a complete, incorruptible record in its Blockchain-enabled database. ProLinc empowers today’s brands to prevent product compromises at every point in the manufacturing and distribution process, then isolate and eliminate instances of counterfeiting before a single fake becomes a lasting pattern.

Discover ProLinc

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Our Product Security Printing

Our security printing services augment and extend ProLinc by affixing serialized, tamper-proof elements on every batch, product, and component. Applying more than 90 years of experience in high security government-grade printing, we’ll work with you to identify the right anti-counterfeiting solutions and techniques to secure your products and prevent compromise.

Discover High Security Printing

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Countering Counterfeiters: Protecting Brand Equity in an Advanced Threat Landscape



A Complete Genealogy for Every Product in Your Supply Chain


When It Comes to Brand Protection, There’s No Room for Compromise

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