Customized Envelopes

Customized Stamped Envelopes

Personalized. Customized. Secured.

From incorporating authorized postage stamps to printing logos and personalized return addresses, today’s businesses have a myriad of envelope requirements.

As the exclusive provider of stamped envelopes for the United States Postal Service, Ashton Potter offers customized, personalized, and pre-stamped envelopes in a range of sizes and features.

Our Features for Customized Envelopes

stamped envelopes

Pre-Paid, Stamped Envelopes

Through our exclusive partnership with the USPS, we offer a variety of stamp images for our custom envelopes, all which are pre-paid and include the First Class Mail “Forever” designation.

logos and image options

Logos and Images Options

We can further customize envelopes by printing corporate logos in single to four color, as well as printing other unique and custom images.


Personalized Return Address

By utilizing an automated database, Ashton Potter can print return addresses on customer’s envelopes in several colors and font styles via drop-on-demand inject technology.

envelope size configuration

Envelope Size and Feature Configuration

Our custom envelopes can be printed in a wide array of sizes, as well as include an optional address window based on where you would like to place recipient information.

customized envelopes

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