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Upholding Quality Control in Global Manufacturing Environments

As products and their respective manufacturing environments become more complex, contract manufacturers are tasked not only with producing products on time and on budget, but also with guaranteeing product quality, safety, and integrity at every stage.

At Ashton Potter, we equip contract manufacturers with the forensic traceability solutions required to track, authenticate, and uphold integrity across every line, batch, work-in-process, and finished good in the manufacturing environment.

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Match High Precision Specifications

At Ashton Potter, we apply serialized identities to each product in circulation and provide universal traceability to empower manufacturers to produce high volume, high velocity products with accuracy and confidence.

eliminate compromised products and subcomponents

Eliminate Compromised Products and Components

Contract manufacturers can’t afford for compromises to go unchecked. We allow factories to identify and isolate subpar products and batches at set checkpoints throughout the factory floor, eliminating them before they ever leave the manufacturing facility.

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Document & Maintain Compliance Standards

For every component, product, and batch, we measure and document compliance across all relevant standards and house this data in a secure, Blockchain-enabled database for rapid recall.

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Uphold Production Quality Standards

Product recalls not only impact a manufacturer’s bottom line—they impact its reputation. By documenting each product’s genealogy at every stage of production, we empower factories to identify product compromises in real time, eliminating batches that fail to achieve quality standards.

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To date, one of the single most expensive product recalls of all time cost $24 billion.


Maximizing Production Quality, Safety, & Integrity in Manufacturing

We achieve universal quality control in manufacturing through the combined power of our forensic traceability technology, high security printing solutions, and white glove integration services.

Our Forensic Traceability Technology

ProLinc®, by Ashton Potter, is an advanced SaaS-based product security and traceability solution, optimized to deliver comprehensive product insight in high volume, high velocity environments. By tracking components, products, and batches in real time and housing insights in a tamper-proof, Blockchain- enabled database, ProLinc empowers today’s contract manufacturers to uphold production quality standards at every point in the manufacturing process.

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Our High Security Printing Solutions

Our security printing services augment and extend the product security and traceability capabilities of ProLinc by affixing serialized, tamper-proof elements on every item throughout the manufacturing environment, and correlating these physical labels with digital records for individualized, highly secure insight. Drawing upon nearly a century of experience in high security printing, we work with manufacturers to identify the optimal printing techniques and features needed to track, secure, and authenticate their products.

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Our White Glove Integration Services

Complex manufacturing environments call for solutions that can seamlessly integrate into existing environments. Through the power of our skilled  integration partners, we seamlessly integrate our forensic traceability solution with the existing ERP, MES, and other factory systems to drive greater efficiency, security, and quality.

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Contracting Quality: Upholding Universal Product Quality, Integrity, & Authenticity


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