Secure Documents

Secure Documents

Countering Counterfeiters of High Sensitive Documents

Accepting counterfeit documentation of any kind can pose substantial legal and financial consequences for governments and organizations around the world.

At Ashton Potter, we leverage cutting-edge security printing and finishing techniques to uphold document integrity, preventing fraudulent documents and ID products from entering the market.

Our Techniques for Secure Documents



Printing ink three dimensionally onto a substrate by applying high levels of pressure between an etched or engraved plate and an impression cylinder.

Holographic Security Foil Patch

Holographic Security
Foil Patch

Physical structures built into a patch that diffract light to create a three dimensional appearance.

security ink

Security Inks

Photo and heat sensitive inks, as well as many other variations, that will react when certain conditions are applied.

micro nano printing

Micro / Nano Printing

An extremely small line of text, characters, or images printed at high resolution beyond the capabilities of desktop printers or scanners.

color shift ink

Color-Shift Ink

Inks that contain microscopic pieces of metallic substances or variable pigments which display color changes depending on the angle of observation or lighting.

latent image

Latent Image

A hidden image that only becomes visible when viewed at certain angles.

secure documents

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Uphold Your Product Genealogy

Learn how our SaaS solution augments and extends our printing tactics to better secure the global supply chain.

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