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Protecting the World’s Governments
and Citizens

Document authenticity is vital for the movement of peoples, goods, and money around the world. To protect its citizens from forces that wish to cause financial, physical, or physiological harm, today’s governments must be empowered to identify and authenticate a diverse array of highly sensitive documents.

From stamps to money orders, visas, and identification cards, Ashton Potter’s overt and covert printing techniques protect against counterfeits while our advanced technology provides scalable, high-velocity insights on the billions of documents in circulation.

What We Help You Achieve

preserve the value of documents

Preserve the Value of Documents in Circulation

As counterfeiting tactics advance, so too have our security measures, empowering governments to combat the efforts of malicious agents who attempt to pass counterfeits off as genuine.

protect citizen wellbeing

Protect Citizen Well-Being

By leveraging overt and covert security techniques, we empower governments to verify authenticity, preventing counterfeits from compromising well-being and financial stability.

confidence in document authenticity

Instill Citizen Confidence in Document Authenticity

We embed high-security features into the global documents, instilling trust in the world’s citizens that only authorized individuals and goods are present in their countries.

uphold the rule of law

Uphold the Rule of Law

We leverage best-in-class security techniques to uphold the standards of quality required by each nation—ascribing to the highly precise specifications outlined for every item we produce.

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In 2017, there were 16.7 million identity fraud victims in the U.S.

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A Comprehensive Solution for Document Integrity

At Ashton Potter, we pair dynamic product security technology with the most advanced techniques in high security printing to trace and secure every document, at every point in its lifecycle.

Our Document Security Technology

An advanced SaaS solution, ProLinc creates a complete genealogy for every document, storing a complete, incorruptible record in its Blockchain-enabled database. ProLinc empowers today’s governments to protect the integrity of billions of documents in circulation, then isolate and eliminate instances of counterfeits before a single compromise can negatively impact citizen lives.

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Our Product Security Printing

Our security printing services augment and extend ProLinc by affixing serialized, tamper-proof elements on every batch, product, and component. Applying more than 90 years of experience in high security government-grade printing, we’ll work with you to identify the right printing techniques to secure your documents and prevent compromise.

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Guaranteeing Authenticity: Protecting Today’s Citizens & Governments from Counterfeiting



A Complete Genealogy for Every Product in Your Supply Chain


Upholding Document Authenticity for the World’s Nations

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