Migraine Medication Recall

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PharmaceuticalsAugust 19, 2019

Migraine Medication Recall

Medications widely distributed to hospitals, wholesalers, retailers, and healthcare providers in June and July to treat migraines have been recalled due to contamination with two kinds of harmful bacteria. Specific product lots have been identified and while the risk of serious infection is low in healthy people, those with compromised immune systems can experience life-threatening infections. Pfizer, Inc. who manufactured the pills has notified direct customers via letter however, pharmacies should be aware of the recall and contact patients. 

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Food & BeverageAugust 12, 2019

Raw Eggs in Cookie Dough May Not Be The Most Dangerous Ingredient

Consumers are used to warnings regarding not eating raw cookie dough due to the potential of salmonella in raw eggs. Countless recipes of egg-less, edible raw cookie dough have popped up to eliminate that risk. However, those recipes don’t eliminate another raw ingredient that the general public doesn’t necessarily think of as a potential threat to their health. That ingredient? Flour. A common food used in baking and has been a source of recent recalls over the last year. While most bags of flour have a consumption warning, the labeling isn’t always obvious enough stating that flour is a raw product and should be cooked before consumption.

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AutomotiveAugust 2, 2019

Faulty Suspensions Avoiding Recall Through Nissan’s “Service Campaign”

Popular car manufacturer Nissan is launching a “service campaign” to avoid recalls and being monitored by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Approximately 200,000 Altima cars are affected due to a suspension component. While no crashes or injuries have been reported associated with the faulty part, 139 owners have complained about the issue. The part in question was redesigned in 2018 to address and improve durability. 

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PharmaceuticalsJuly 21, 2019

Potential Fake Supplements Sold on Amazon

Third-party sellers who market all kinds of fake products have been a constant pain point to major online retailer Amazon. Although there have been several initiatives to detect and minimize counterfeiters listing goods in their marketplace, brands typically need to elect to participate. Most recently, a popular nutritional supplement was identified as potentially counterfeit. Amazon contacted customers who had purchased the item disclosing the probably information and added a full refund would be provided.  While Amazon is both a retailer and a third-party marketplace, the line between the two parts of it’s business can be a bit of a grey area. 

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Food & BeverageJuly 7, 2019

Blockchain: Food for Thought

The modern consumer is looking for as much information as they can get. Especially in the food and beverage industry as increasingly health-conscious customers want to know everything they can about their food. 20% of the top-1- global grocers are anticipated to be using blockchain by the year 2025. Traceability isn’t simply a solution for the customer’s pressing concerns but also impacts the industry as a whole as it relates to product recall and marketing the ability to provide data from farm-to-fork. 

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Premium BrandsJune 24, 2019

Millenials and GenZers Effects on Luxury Brands

Luxury brands have built their name and branding through creating a feeling or buying experience for its consumers. As the younger generation’s enter the marketplace as buyers the targeted messaging and e-commerce is going to be crucial for luxury brands to keep up with consumer wants and needs. Many luxury brands are rethinking their online purchasing positioning and refocusing their e-commerce sites to carefully manage their brand content.

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governmentJune 22, 2019

Newest Forever Stamps Feature Sesame Street Characters

The United States Postal Service held a first-day-of-issue ceremony to commemorate the newest forever stamp being released. The stamps showcase sixteen of the well known characters of Sesame Street as the series celebrates 50 years on air. 

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PharmaceuticalsJune 21, 2019

FDA Joining Supply Chain Pilot Project

On the verge of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) coming into effect in 2023, the FDA announces participation in a pilot project to improve drug supply chain and tractability in the United States. This pilot project encompasses more than 20 companies in the health and pharmaceutical industries to explore and evaluate methods of enhancing safety and identify and trace prescription drugs distributed.  

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AutomotiveJune 12, 2019

Ford Motor Co. Recalls 1.2 Million Vehicles

Several recalls have been issued by Ford Motor Co. mainly related to steering control loss including Explorers and Ford F-150 pickups. The Explorer recall will cost the automaker and estimated $180 million. 

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Food & BeverageJune 3, 2019

31,703 Pounds of Ready-to-Eat Chicken Recalled

Purdue Foods announced a recall of 31,703 pounds of its ready-to-eat chicken products due to potential contamination with animal bones. The problem, only discovered after the Food Safety and Inspection Service received consumer complaints, accentuates the need to uphold quality standards across production lines and trace individual product lots even after the final sale.

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