FDA Joining Supply Chain Pilot Project

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PharmaceuticalsJune 21, 2019

FDA Joining Supply Chain Pilot Project

On the verge of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) coming into effect in 2023, the FDA announces participation in a pilot project to improve drug supply chain and tractability in the United States. This pilot project encompasses more than 20 companies in the health and pharmaceutical industries to explore and evaluate methods of enhancing safety and identify and trace prescription drugs distributed.  

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AutomotiveJune 12, 2019

Ford Motor Co. Recalls 1.2 Million Vehicles

Several recalls have been issued by Ford Motor Co. mainly related to steering control loss including Explorers and Ford F-150 pickups. The Explorer recall will cost the automaker and estimated $180 million. 

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Food & BeverageJune 3, 2019

31,703 Pounds of Ready-to-Eat Chicken Recalled

Purdue Foods announced a recall of 31,703 pounds of its ready-to-eat chicken products due to potential contamination with animal bones. The problem, only discovered after the Food Safety and Inspection Service received consumer complaints, accentuates the need to uphold quality standards across production lines and trace individual product lots even after the final sale.

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Automated ManufacturingJune 3, 2019

Voluntary Recall of Recently-Launched Lively MobilePlus Devices

Best Buy subsidiary GreatCall has issued a voluntary recall of it Lively MobilePlus devises due to a quality issue across a number of devise. Despite the company’s spokesperson reporting the issue was confined to a small number of products, the company chose to recall all devises, suggesting an inability to isolate and eliminate only the specific batches compromised.

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Automated ManufacturingMay 30, 2019

Target USB Cord Burns Customers

After a wave of customer complaints, Target is recalling 90,000 3-foot Lightening USB charging cables that have resulted in burns and pose a threat for electrical shocks and fire. Target released the precise model number recalled, accentuating the importance of meticulously tracking and storing product production records for rapid recall.

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governmentMay 29, 2019

ITSA Defines Roles and Responsibilities for Tobacco Compliance with the FCTC

Under the WHO FCTC and Article 8 of Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco, this document looks at key technical requirements related to track and trace.

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Premium BrandsMay 28, 2019

Research and Market’s Releases Latest Fragrance & Perfume Market Analysis

Research and Markets released its “Fragrances and Perfumes – Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts” report, which provides a detailed dive into the worldwide fragrance and perfume market. The report, which includes data on counterfeiting, provides a key perspective and insight into the luxury brand market.

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PharmaceuticalsMay 24, 2019

Voluntary Recall of Veterinary Injectable Drug Products Due To Sterilization Compromises

Norbrook Laboratories Limited announced the voluntary recall of 34 lots of its veterinary injectable drug products distributed across the United States. After distribution, the recalled products were discovered to have been manufactured on an aseptic line that did not pass process simulation tests, proving the importance of real-time production line monitoring to alert manufacturers in the event of compromise.

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AutomotiveMay 24, 2019

Potential Mazda Steering Failure Results from Component Corrosion

Mazda expanded a recall from 2018 to include 49,339 of its 2011-2013 Mazda6 sedans. The updated recall notice is due to inadequate paint where two suspension components connect, which, when exposed to road salt, could lead to rust that impacts vehicle steering. Such recalls indicate the need for quality standardization during manufacturing across all vehicles.

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Premium BrandsMay 24, 2019

Countering Counterfeiters in the Marketplace

Estimates place the total trade in luxury goods at $1.2 trillion. In order to combat the advancing efforts of counterfeiters, companies must focus on the integrity of their supply chain, the quality of their goods, and the strength of their connection with their customers

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