Food Recalls At An All Time Low

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Food & BeverageMay 12, 2020

Food Recalls At An All Time Low

The low number of food recalls should be something to celebrate, however amid the pandemic the limited recalls isn’t due to safer food but for lack of inspections. 

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AutomotiveMay 5, 2020

More Than 15.9 Million Airbags Not Fixed

The recall issued earlier this year due to airbags exploding at deployment containing sharp metal objects that has killed 16 people is still a major existing recall. Millions of vehicles are still on the road that have not been serviced to address this issue. 

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luxMay 1, 2020

Over $1M Dollars in Perfume Confiscated

Just in time for Mother’s Day, more than 60,000 bottle of counterfeit perfume was confiscated in Miami with a retail price of the lot totaling over $1.7 million dollars. Brands such as Christian Dior and CHANEL were among the lot officers seized deeming the fake perfume to be a threat to America’s economy as well as people’s health and safety, not to mention an infringement on protected trademarks.

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AutomotiveApril 29, 2020

Round Up of Car Recalls

Things you may have missed during the pandemic include a recall on your car. Here’s a listing of every recall this year (so far).

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governmentApril 14, 2020

Stamps Making A Comeback

Amid essential businesses open during the COVID-19 pandemic is the United States Postal Service (USPS) which is experiencing potential operating difficulties due to lower cash flow. The pandemic has led to a significant drop in first-class letters and promotional mailers with many businesses grinding to a halt. In response, people are buying stamps online as a way to help the institution. 

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PharmaceuticalsApril 3, 2020

Zantac Removed from Market by FDA

Popular over the counter medication Zantac, along with many others, is being removed from store shelves after its link to cancer. An ingredient in many antacid products called Ranitidine has been shown to contain NDMA, a cancer causing carcinogen. . Due to the Coronavirus the FDA recommends following disposal guidelines provided with the medication.

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PharmaceuticalsMarch 27, 2020

Public Health Crisis Opens Door for Counterfeiters

As citizens are asked to stay home the rise of online platforms has seen unprecedented traffic and movement, leading to vulnerable shoppers that fall victim to counterfeits. Interpol released a statement warning that people are producing counterfeit COVID19 products including a “Corona Spray” and other COVID branded items. With a public health crisis counterfeiters are known to create false drugs, fake masks, and other medical equipment and attempt to sneak them into a legitimate supply chain. The United States along with other international organizations urge people to be especially alert in these times of hardship and should verify producers before purchasing supplies from e-Commerce sites.

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March 21, 2020

Volvo Recalls Every 2019 and 2020 Car in America

Volvo is one of the safest car manufacturers on the globe, however they are not immune to a recall. Volvo is recalling over 100,000 vehicles in the USA over braking concerns. The problem arises in their automatic breaking system, a glitch in the software causes the vehicle to fail to detect some obstacles. Volvo says it will update the software by May 1, 2020.

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Premium BrandsMarch 16, 2020

COVID-19 Wreaks Havoc on Global Supply Chains

Initially the supply chain fears were originating in China where production facilities were closing, but even with factories coming back online the rest of the world remains in distress. Roughly 20% of U.S. retailers’ supply chains are exposed to China, where companies like Steve Madden and Best buy have over 60% of goods sourced from China. There is an estimated loss of at least $700 million to U.S. retailers and companies like Gap that said its “Not Currently Possible” to quantify the hit companies will take in 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus.

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governmentMarch 4, 2020

New Bill Could Make E-Commerce Companies Liable for Counterfeits

The bipartisan act titled “Shop Safe Act of 2020” was revealed this week and it targets e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay to keep counterfeits off their platforms. The act outlines a series of steps and guidelines that these online companies must conform to or otherwise be held liable for any knock-off items sold on their behalf. Proposed actions include government identification of third-party sellers along with proof of authenticity from these sellers. The act comes as a response to the rise of counterfeit goods, which has amounted to over 3% of all global trade.

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