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Powering New Efficiency and Quality Control in Manufacturing

A fourth, data-driven Industrial Revolution has brought rich data insight to the automated manufacturing environment—introducing new opportunities to improve product quality, process efficiency, and operational control. But unleashing this data and making it actionable in a high-velocity, high-volume manufacturing operation is often easier said than done.

Through our combination of scalable serialization, forensic traceability, operational insight, and high security printing, Ashton Potter empowers automated manufacturers to secure their product in a scalable way while proactively optimizing operational processes. Plus, Ashton Potter’s all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates with existing factory systems and equipment to enable true Industry 4.0 insight.

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What We Help You Achieve

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Improve Process Efficiency

By dynamically tracking sub-components, products, and batches, then securely storing this data in a Blockchain-enabled database for immediate access, we enable global visibility without operational disruption. Using our rich manufacturing insights, automated manufacturing operations can readily spot and capitalize on opportunities for greater process efficiency.

prevent product recalls

Prevent Product Recalls

By tracing products throughout every stage of the manufacturing process, our solution identifies anomalies that can compromise product safety or performance before faulty goods ever reach the end customer. Should a recall occur, we enable rapid recall resolution through forensic traceability spanning the entire global supply chain.

uphold quality and consistency

Uphold Product Integrity & Consistency

Lack of visibility and control often results in costly quality pitfalls in the automated manufacturing environment. We enable manufacturers to define, document, and standardize the most stringent quality standards through forensic, real-time traceability into quality-related processes.

achieve greater insight

Unleash Industry 4.0 Insight

Ashton Potter empowers manufacturers to tap into the power of Industry 4.0 by unleashing real-time sub-component, product, and batch-level insights from the factory floor and throughout the supply chain. Plus, by integrating seamlessly with existing factory systems, Ashton Potter eliminates data silos in the manufacturing environment.

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$45.3 billion is the projected growth of IoT in the manufacturing market by 2022.


A Proven Solution for Global Traceability & Product Quality Control

At Ashton Potter, we combine forensic traceability, seamless systems integration, and the most advanced techniques in high security printing to transform automated manufacturing operations.

Our Forensic Traceability Technology

An advanced SaaS-based solution, ProLinc creates a complete genealogy for every sub-component, product, and batch—storing a tamper-proof, real-time record in its Blockchain-enabled database. ProLinc extends existing factory system capabilities, empowering automated manufacturing operations with true Industry 4.0 insight that can dramatically improve product quality and process efficiency.

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Our High Security Printing & Labeling

Our high security printing and labeling services augment and extend ProLinc by affixing serialized, tamper-proof elements on products, laying the groundwork for forensic traceability. Applying more than 90 years of experience in high-volume security printing for the public and private sector, we partner with automated manufacturers to identify the right solutions and techniques to secure and trace their products at every stage of production.

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Our White Glove Integration Services

In partnership with our network of skilled white glove integration partners, we work with our automated manufacturing customers  to rapidly implement and seamlessly integrate our forensic traceability solution, augmenting and extending their existing ERP and factory systems. From initial install to ongoing support, we empower operations of all sizes to accelerate and maximize ROI.

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