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Global Product Security for a Digital World

We provide global product security solutions that connect the physical and digital worlds.

At Ashton Potter, we empower organizations to ensure product integrity on a global scale, protecting their brands, their customers, and their citizens.


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A Comprehensive Product Security Solution

We solve today’s most complex security challenges with scalable solutions that live at the intersection of the physical and digital world.

Through the powerful marriage of high security printing and ProLinc, our dynamic SaaS-based track and trace technology, we empower businesses to enable recall resolution to the component, sub-assembly, and finished good level—regardless of where they are located around the world.

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High Security Printing

Rooted in a history of secure printing, Ashton Potter offers highly scalable government-grade solutions and techniques for secure printing and finishing.

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High Security Technology

ProLinc, by Ashton Potter, provides global serialization, authentication, and traceability for every product and its subcomponents–at any stage of the product lifecycle.

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The Industries We Serve

In today’s intense threat landscape, companies with sensitive or rigorous requirements for integrity, compliance, or safety rely on Ashton Potter for secure, individualized insights into each of their products.

  • Premium

    premium brands

    Premium Brands

    As a premium brand, your image is your greatest asset. We prevent product compromises by providing a unique genealogy for each product in your supply chain.

    world trade

    5-7% of all world trade is in counterfeit goods.


  • DoD

    defense dod

    DoD Contractors

    Ashton Potter empowers manufacturers with government-grade data tracking and product monitoring that allows DoD contractors to uphold standards for safety and compliance.

    contractor obligations

    51% of all DoD contract obligations in 2017 were spent on goods.

    Congressional Research Service

  • Contract


    Contract Manufacturing

    Ashton Potter simplifies the process of securing and maintaining contracts by pairing high security technology with advanced track and trace technology that offers full transparency into the product supply chain.

    manufacturing recalls

    4,217 product recalls were issued by United States federal agencies in 2015 alone.


  • Government



    At Ashton Potter, we secure documents for the world’s governments, embedding high security features into documents and tracing and authenticating them throughout the global supply chain.

    government security

    77,183 cyber security incidents were reported by federal agencies in 2015.


  • Pharma



    In the pharmaceutical industry, where a single compromise could mean life or death, Ashton Potter delivers product security solutions that uphold rigorous standards for safety and compliance.

    pharma recall

    4,448 drugs and devises were recalled by manufacturers in 2016 alone.

    Drug Watch

  • Food &

    food beverage

    Food & Beverage

    As criminals have widened their sights to everyday items like food and beverages, Ashton Potter offers a holistic approach to product security that protects goods from production to store shelves.

    world trade

    $613 million in equity value is lost by a firm on the day news of a food-tampering incident is made public.

    Taylor & Francis Online

  • Automotive



    Ashton Potter leverages component-level track and trace technology to mitigate errors during automotive manufacturing, and, if recalls occur, allow for easy access into product histories and components.

    automotive recall

    74% more vehicles were recalled in 2017 than were delivered to customers.


  • Automated Manufacturing


    Automated Manufacturing

    We empower automated manufacturers to fully capitalize on the Forth Industrial Revolution by pairing forensic data traceability with security printing to achieve greater control over product quality, security, and output.

    automotive recall

    $310B is the expected growth of Industry 4.0 products and services by 2023.




A Complete Genealogy for Every Product in Your Supply Chain


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