Reclaim & Revitalize Revenue

GovernmentMay 19, 2022

Reclaim & Revitalize Revenue

Government agencies looking to minimize revenue loss and prevent tax fraud need to ensure their products have tamper-evident printing and high-security stamps that prove legitimacy that tax has been paid. What were once unsecured pieces of paper meant for tax collection are now transforming into high-tech encrypted, multi-layered devices,...

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AutomotiveMarch 21, 2022

Drive Safe

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever and want to know the history of the products they are buying. From where the product originated from to which manufacturer made...

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Automated ManufacturingFebruary 17, 2022

From Manual to Maximized

Today, businesses must embrace technologies that improve the ability to track and trace products throughout their lifecycle and across the global supply chain. An increasing number of companies have...

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ComplianceFebruary 3, 2022

The Moving Target of Compliance

When it comes to ensuring your supply chain’s ability to manage product compliance, utilizing a traceability solution is vital. Forensic traceability functionality makes it possible to follow goods, raw...

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TechnologyDecember 29, 2021

Managing Data to the Billions

Managing data for any company should be—and usually is— a top organizational priority to maintain effective and efficient operations. Now, in a pandemic-affected world, understanding and contextualizing data is...

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Scan Product Data - Down to the Ingredient

Food & BeverageOctober 6, 2021

More than Just a Label

In the era of technology-enabled food traceability, a single label scan tells the highly detailed, nuanced, and precise story of every ingredient involved in that food’s production. When backed...

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Product Data Blog

Supply ChainSeptember 9, 2021

Product Data, At Your Fingertips

Everyone knows that data is key to efficient operations today. But the concept of data can be vast, complex, and complicated. It’s crucial to be able to access the...

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Secure PrintingAugust 11, 2021

Securing the Physical & Digital Worlds

Threats to product integrity and authenticity are more rampant than ever today. The International Chamber of Commerce’s Intellectual Property Roadmap 2020 noted that the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed global businesses...

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TechnologyJuly 7, 2021

The Power Behind the QR Code

Much has changed in the world since the COVID-19 crisis began—and many of these changes are here to stay. Take the QR code, for instance. Since the pandemic began,...

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Supply ChainJune 4, 2021

(Not a) Total Recall

Recalls are one of the most damaging threats a company can face. A single recall can have widespread implications for customer safety and consumer trust, and can cost millions...

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TechnologyMay 12, 2021

Why Forensic Traceability?

When it comes to managing the global supply chain, businesses face no shortage of obstacles—from upholding compliance standards to ensuring quality is maintained at scale, and protecting products from...

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