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TechnologyNovember 28, 2022

Insights Unleashed

The Fourth Industrial Revolution—also known as Industry 4.0—is in full swing and calling attention to complex manufacturing processes like product tracking and data gathering. For organizations looking to become...

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TechnologyOctober 31, 2022

Better Together

Today’s manufacturers handle billions of products, all of which must be tracked simultaneously across multiple facilities. Due to the complexities of the manufacturing process, companies should ensure they utilize...

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TechnologyDecember 29, 2021

Managing Data to the Billions

Managing data for any company should be—and usually is— a top organizational priority to maintain effective and efficient operations. Now, in a pandemic-affected world, understanding and contextualizing data is...

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TechnologyJuly 7, 2021

The Power Behind the QR Code

Much has changed in the world since the COVID-19 crisis began—and many of these changes are here to stay. Take the QR code, for instance. Since the pandemic began,...

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TechnologyMay 12, 2021

Why Forensic Traceability?

When it comes to managing the global supply chain, businesses face no shortage of obstacles—from upholding compliance standards to ensuring quality is maintained at scale, and protecting products from...

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TechnologyFebruary 27, 2020

The Uphill Battle to Consumer Trust

Consumer trust and product transparency are two sides of the same coin. Studies have shown that when evaluating top factors to consider when making a purchase, trust  nearly surpasses...

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TechnologyOctober 9, 2019

Tell Me More…

Stationed at the end of the supply chain, the customer is often neglected when it comes to providing the product-level transparency that other stakeholders demand. Historically, supply chain practices...

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TechnologyMay 30, 2019

One in a Billion

There are roughly 329 million people in the United States of America, the third most populated country in the world. And yet, the total U.S. population is eclipsed by...

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TechnologyApril 30, 2019

Above and Beyond Product Security

In the modern manufacturing environment, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a must-have in order to successfully scale and optimize operations. As a business process tool built to...

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TechnologyDecember 16, 2018

Product Security Spotlight | Velocity

In this blog series, we’re covering four key tenets of total product security and traceability. In this, our final installment, we will take a closer look at velocity.

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