Ashton Potter Announces Newest Release of its ProLinc<sup>®</sup> Solution, Featuring Sensing Modules for Factory Floor Insight
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December 17, 2019

Ashton Potter Announces Newest Release of its ProLinc® Solution, Featuring Sensing Modules for Factory Floor Insight

Williamsville, NY, December 17, 2019 — Ashton Potter, a leading provider of high security printing and advanced technology for the world’s governments and manufacturers, has enhanced its ProLinc® solution to capture critical factory floor insights for automated manufacturers. ProLinc®’s newly released sensing module integrates with machinery throughout the automated manufacturing environment to make relevant data accessible and actionable, and enable true Industry 4.0 insight.

With the latest release of ProLinc®, automated manufacturers can correlate product and equipment data throughout the manufacturing process in order to optimize operations, minimize downtime, and maximize quality. ProLinc® leverages data collected via advanced sensing modules to gain a holistic view of system productivity and conditions, empowering manufacturers to prevent production delays, detect anomalies, identify quality pitfalls, and pinpoint opportunities for greater optimization and efficiency. This insight is housed in a secure, Blockchain-enabled database, where is can be accessed by approved stakeholders in real time.

“Maximizing throughput and minimizing downtime while upholding universal quality standards is critical to the high-volume, fast-paced automated manufacturing industry,” said Kelly M. Smith, Senior Vice President of Ashton Potter “With ProLinc®, manufacturers are empowered to understand and optimize the relationship between product quality and process integrity like never before. In the event of a lapse in equipment performance, operators are notified in real-time, and impacted product can be isolated with exactness to eliminate the risk that subpar goods make their way to market.”

As the missing link between the ERP and the MES, ProLinc® delivers the essential product-level data existing systems lack. Further still, it integrates seamlessly into the factory’s other enterprise systems, leveraging Ashton Potter’s network of Gold Integration Partners to minimize costs and maximize time to value.

“While the ERP and MES are integral systems for factory performance, they often fail to offer the granular-level insight and context into product and equipment performance demanded by automated manufacturing,” said Joe Schutte, Chief Technology Officer at Ashton Potter. “With the latest release of ProLinc®, we deliver even greater value to automated manufacturers by providing complete visibility into their critical equipment and processes. This insight, paired with our solution’s end-to-end product traceability, enables operators to address quality compromises, increase efficiency, and maintain and document compliance at scale.”


About Ashton Potter

For nearly a century, Ashton Potter has possessed a unique understanding of the complex product security challenges governments and businesses face, and a heightened commitment to solving them through high security printing and technology. Today, Ashton Potter delivers complete product security solutions that span the physical and digital worlds. By pairing advanced high security printing capabilities with ProLinc®, a premier SaaS-based solution that serializes, tracks, and authenticates products throughout the supply chain, Ashton Potter enables customers across sectors to achieve universal security, authenticity, and integrity on a global scale.