Ashton Potter Announces Newest Release of ProLinc® Product Security Solution
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February 19, 2019

Ashton Potter Announces Newest Release of ProLinc® Product Security Solution

Williamsville, NY, February 19, 2019Ashton Potter, a leading provider of high security printing and advanced technology for the world’s governments and manufacturers, today announced the newest release of its ProLinc software security solution for global serialization, authentication, and compliance. The SaaS-based offering provides universal traceability at the component-, product-, and batch-level to its clients for product authentication, manufacturing system insight, and regulatory and tax compliance throughout the product lifecycle.

Designed for rapid scalability and granular insight, ProLinc® works in partnership with Ashton Potter’s advanced secure labeling solutions to offer manufacturers precise authentication and traceability at every stage of the supply chain—from raw material, through production, distribution, retail, end user, and beyond. By enabling stakeholders to scan items at key points in the product lifecycle, ProLinc® builds an incorruptible genealogy for every product in circulation. This data can then be securely accessed via a Blockchain-enabled database by approved stakeholders across the supply chain, including the consumer.

The advanced solution, which was developed upon Ashton Potter’s 90+ year track record in high security printing, offers manufacturers a ready answer to today’s advanced product security threats, which continue to rise in technological sophistication. “For today’s manufacturers, product security is a high stakes issue,” said Kelly M. Smith, Senior Vice President of Ashton Potter. “For some businesses, a product compromise threatens to erode the very foundation of brand trust. For others, it can quite literally be the difference between life and death. For every business, however, it is critical to upholding both responsibility and profitability. ProLinc® is solving the real product security challenges manufacturers, growers, and governments face.”

The ProLinc® software and integration solution provided by Ashton Potter integrates seamlessly into existing enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), augmenting and extending their capabilities with a dynamic layer of robust product security functionality. ProLinc® is uniquely qualified to serve organizations in complex or highly-regulated industries and rapidly scales to accommodate operations of any size. Ashton Potter pairs ProLinc® with a full range of tamper-proof labeling solutions, together representing the first turnkey product security solution on the market.  

“Ashton Potter’s longstanding history upholding product integrity on a global scale provides the foundational knowledge needed to bridge our best-in-class physical security solutions to the digital sphere,” said Joe Schutte, Chief Technology Officer at Ashton Potter. “With the capacity to track products on a global yet highly granular level, we are empowering our clients to address a wide range of challenges—from preventing counterfeits, to upholding compliance standards, and rapidly addressing product recalls.”


About Ashton Potter

For nearly a century, Ashton Potter has possessed a unique understanding of the complex product security challenges governments and businesses face, and a heightened commitment to solving them through high security printing and technology. Today, Ashton Potter delivers complete product security solutions that span the physical and digital worlds. By pairing advanced high security printing capabilities with ProLinc®, a premier SaaS-based solution that serializes, tracks, and authenticates products throughout the supply chain, Ashton Potter enables customers across sectors to achieve universal security, authenticity, and integrity on a global scale.