Ashton Potter Announces Partnership with BostonCIO
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October 5, 2020

Ashton Potter Announces Partnership with BostonCIO

Williamsville, NY, October 5, 2020Ashton Potter, a leading provider of high security printing and forensic traceability technology for the private and public sector, and BostonCIO, a professional services information technology consulting firm, today announced a partnership to integrate their ProLinc® and BostonCOMPLY Practical Compliance Automation™ SaaS solutions. This globally unique solution provides a complete end to end traceability and compliance package to both commercial and government entities in an ever-increasing regulatory environment.

ProLinc® is an advanced product security and forensic traceability solution that harnesses serialization and authentication to build digital genealogies for every product, from the earliest stages of the manufacturing process, through distribution, and into the hands of the end user. Leveraging data from all areas of operations through advanced reporting allows for real time insight and holistic view into systems, efficiency, and production.

The BostonCOMPLY – Practical Compliance Automation™ is a hybrid consulting and subscription-based SaaS platform offering that delivers a comprehensive IT compliance program addressing legal and regulatory demands facing a broad range of organizations and industries, as well as operational support to help clients maintain compliance over time. BostonCOMPLY combines BostonCIO professional services, Practical Compliance Program (PCP) content library, Practical Compliance Training (PCT) video course library, and purpose-built SaaS platform, Practical Compliance Automation™ (PCA) to rapidly deliver comprehensive, auditable, and maintainable compliance programs for its customers.

The integration of the two systems provides a single turnkey solution to address key strategic processes and compliance requirements in a single pane to view, manage, and report on both data and compliance components with greater functionality and efficiency. It will enable users even greater insight into the global product supply chain, empowering greater quality control, rapid recall resolution, and manage required documentation, training, and compliance activities (including both procedure & collection of evidence) with scheduling and tracking.

“ProLinc® was designed as a seamless extension of the ERP and BI tools already in place, filling the critical gaps left behind by these systems,” said Kelly M. Smith, Senior Vice President of Ashton Potter. “Paired with BostonCOMPLY, we can provide insight and meet the needs of a wide range of industries that have a broad spectrum of federal, state and international regulatory requirements.”

BostonCIO CEO, Richard Cohen, shares, “Our BostonCOMPLY Practical Compliance Automation™ customer specific compliance programs meet the needs of a wide range of industries that have a broad spectrum of federal, state, international and commercial regulatory requirements. BostonCOMPLY has successfully been installed in a wide array of applications including: insurance providers, defense contractors, payroll and benefit processors, health care entities, pharma industry organizations and others. The partnership with Ashton Potter allows us to deliver a uniform, best-in-class, automated compliance management and Track & Trace solution to the marketplace.”


About Ashton Potter
For nearly a century, Ashton Potter has possessed a unique understanding of the complex product security challenges governments and businesses face, and a heightened commitment to solving them through high security printing and technology. Today, Ashton Potter delivers complete product security solutions that span the physical and digital worlds. By pairing advanced high security printing capabilities with ProLinc®, a premier SaaS-based solution that serializes, tracks, and authenticates products throughout the supply chain, Ashton Potter enables customers across sectors to achieve universal security, authenticity, and integrity on a global scale.

About BostonCIO
BostonCIO is a senior-level, information technology consulting firm comprised of deeply experienced, highly credible IT practitioners. BostonCIO’s IT experts deliver practical and cost-effective IT assessment, strategy, architecture development, technical leadership, and implementation management engagements to our clients. We work with diverse organizations and industries at both the strategic level with executive teams and with technical professionals at detailed, tactical, and operating levels. For over two decades we have successfully delivered defined-scope projects and variable Shared-Basis CIO™ and Shared-Basis CTO™ consulting offerings. Our private equity technology pre-diligence, and pre and post transaction remediations, integrations and carve-out services are widely respected on both the M&A buy and sell sides.