Ashton Potter Announces the Latest Release of ProLinc®, Featuring an Improved User Interface and Configurable Dashboards
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August 5, 2019

Ashton Potter Announces the Latest Release of ProLinc®, Featuring an Improved User Interface and Configurable Dashboards

Williamsville, NY, August 5, 2019Ashton Potter, a leading provider of high security printing and forensic traceability technology for the private and public sector, today announced the latest release of its ProLinc® technology solution. Among other improvements, the new release features an updated user interface and dynamic user-defined dashboard, delivering added convenience, efficiency, and insight.

ProLinc® is an advanced product security and forensic traceability solution that harnesses serialization and authentication to build digital genealogies for every product, from the earliest stages of the manufacturing process, through distribution, and into the hands of the end user. The new UI features a highly intuitive, omni-present menu that empowers users to rapidly locate the information and functionality they seek. Other UI improvements include updated reports and more prominent user actions, both of which enable users to tap into key information and functionality with greater efficiency. Additionally, the solution was further optimized for use on industrial touchscreen devices by operators in the field.

As the crown jewel of the ProLinc® update, Ashton Potter released a reimagined dashboard, which visually presents at-a-glance access to KPIs related to production and yield, key alerts, and frequently referenced reports. Fully configurable and user-defined, all of these features can be adjusted to maximize relevance and utility.

“As a technology team, we measure our success by the ease and speed with which users can access the information and capabilities they require. These critical success factors are even more important in the high speed, high volume manufacturing operation,” said Joe Schutte, Chief Technology Officer at Ashton Potter. “With the reimagined ProLinc® dashboard, we have further enhanced our capabilities while simplifying the experience for our users. We are thrilled to now deliver configurable dashboard functionality—so operators and managers can access the reports, metrics, and capabilities they need most.”

“Making the interface practical for operators in their real environments was a top priority for our team,” said Kelly M. Smith, Senior Vice President of Ashton Potter. “Our latest update takes into account the unique needs of each of our users, delivering to them an intuitive interface that speeds up operator efficiency and decreases the risk for operator error.”

This update is only the beginning. Ashton Potter plans to pair ProLinc®’s unrivaled product security and traceability insights with key information from the factory floor. The Company is currently working on a sensoring module that, once completed, will collect meaningful information about factory processes and practices that are tied to product quality and safety.


About Ashton Potter

For nearly a century, Ashton Potter has possessed a unique understanding of the complex product security challenges governments and businesses face, and a heightened commitment to solving them through high security printing and technology. Today, Ashton Potter delivers complete product security solutions that span the physical and digital worlds. By pairing advanced high security printing capabilities with ProLinc®, a premier SaaS-based solution that serializes, tracks, and authenticates products throughout the supply chain, Ashton Potter enables customers across sectors to achieve universal security, authenticity, and integrity on a global scale.