Reclaim & Revitalize Revenue

May 19, 2022

Reclaim & Revitalize Revenue

A Look at Security and Track and Trace for Tax, Revenue & Excise Stamps

By Kelly Smith

Government agencies looking to minimize revenue loss and prevent tax fraud need to ensure their products have tamper-evident printing and high-security stamps that prove legitimacy that tax has been paid. What were once unsecured pieces of paper meant for tax collection are now transforming into high-tech encrypted, multi-layered devices, which not only perform tax collection functions, but also authentication with track and trace capabilities.

This evolution has a lot to do with increasing requirements for more robust stamps to fight tax fraud, as well as adhering to ever-changing international regulations. Tax stamps and marks are considered to be effective in the face of all types of fraud and are a necessary solution, as they allow easier authentication. It’s important to work with a partner like Ashton Potter, who understands today’s complex threat landscape, and helps governments, tax, and revenue collection agencies to identify and stop fraud through advanced tamper-evident security features, technology, and services.

Ashton Potter is an established industry leader that helps governments ensure proper revenue tax is collected with highly secure tax, revenue, and excise stamps that come with mass serialization and data management functionality—supporting governments and law enforcement agencies in reclaiming and increasing revenue.

This blog post discusses how tax stamp fraud affects revenue, and details some techniques Ashton Potter utilizes to ensure secure printing of tax, revenue, and excise stamps.

11.6% of the global cigarette market

is illicit—equivalent to $40.5 billion in lost revenue.

Combating Fraud and Increasing Revenue

Tax fraud comes at the expense of government authorities, who miss out on payment for taxed or excised goods. To reclaim loss revenue, agencies should be utilizing a foolproof tax stamp as an effective way to stop fraud and stamp counterfeit.

For instance, in the tobacco industry, a jurisdiction’s tax stamp is affixed to cigarette packs at the distributor to indicate that the correct excise taxes were paid. Experts say 11.6% of the global cigarette market is illicit, which is equivalent to 657 billion cigarettes per year and $40.5 billion in lost revenue.

Ultimately, counterfeit or altered stamps mean lost revenue for the government. To support governments and law enforcement agencies in reclaiming and increasing revenue, Ashton Potter provides highly secure tax, revenue, and excise stamps with mass serialization and data management functionality to ensure authentication of paid tax and that the stamps haven’t been tampered with.

Enhancing Tax, Revenue & Excise Stamps Techniques

Standard printing security features no longer suffice since evolved design elements hold more value now. Through the use of fusion heat applied stamps, agencies around the United States can uphold quality and integrity while ensuring proper tax revenue is collected. Looking to prevent falsification and increase integrity, Ashton Potter applies techniques to ensure security through tamper-evident stamps.

Ashton Potter utilizes aggressive thermal adhesive that offers minimal lift to provide superior performance. With multi-layer stamp construction and security tint that extends beyond border, the tax stamp can be transformed to thwart counterfeiting. Flexible color choices and visually unique stamps also provide government agencies with secure options to differentiate their stamps in the market and utilize a stamp that’s compatible with the industry standard application equipment. These techniques are compatible and tested with stamp application equipment and designed for maximum transfer to packaging. Optional field verifiable covert features are also available for quick identification.

Ashton Potter works to identify the features best suited for products and incorporates the appropriate measures into the final design by utilizing an array of advanced anti-counterfeiting solutions. Government agencies are then able to leverage the right combination of tamper-evident techniques and affix unique, irreplicable identifiers on each product.

Enlist a Reliable Partner to Minimize Counterfeiting

Governments and agencies today can safeguard against tax stamp fraud by using an all-in-one traceability solution that offers high security. Working with an experienced partner that has an extensive history of government-grade printing and finishing solutions to protect against fraud is vital to ensuring security and reclaiming revenue.

Ashton Potter provides government agencies with unique, tamper-evident stamps to ensure authentication by using unique stamp building techniques. From secure product development and anti-counterfeiting solutions to security printing and finishing, Ashton Potter empowers clients with high-tech security printing and technology services that uphold the most stringent requirements for security.

Speak with an expert at Ashton Potter to discuss high security printing techniques and how utilizing a tamper-evident solution can stop fraud and revitalize revenue.