Satisfying Demands in the New Food and Beverage Reality

The food and beverage industry faces a cornucopia of challenges, from maintaining quality control to resolving product recalls, addressing new sources of competition, and upholding stringent regulatory demands.

Overcoming these challenges requires food and beverage manufacturers to achieve complete field-to-fork traceability across their supply chains, unleashing granular-level data that empowers key stakeholders with the critical visibility needed to track and secure every ingredient, food item, and batch in circulation.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • How to overcome challenges across the food and beverage supply chain by addressing ‘greater-than-ever’ realities called the 5 Cs.
  • The key to comprehensive supply chain management that satisfies today’s demand for global insight and control.
  • How ProLincĀ® technology seamlessly augments and extends existing ERP and factory systems in the complex and ever-evolving food and beverage industry.

Satisfying Demands in the New Food and Beverage Reality